Lots of people live with pain or other physical symptoms every day, without knowing the cause. They do not know what treatment they need, because of the lack of proper diagnosis. It's a hopeless situation.

AVROTROS is making a new program for these people: Medical Detectives.

We will, together with the patient, search for the right diagnosis and an effective treatment. To do this, we will need everyone's help who might recognize the patient's symptoms or know more about the clinical picture and a possible treatment.

Can you help us? Do you have that specific piece of information that could change our patient's life for the better?

Help Iris

Summary medical file Iris

From 2017 on 28 year old Iris has a tingling sensation and numbness in both legs with regular muscle pain, cramps and involuntary movements. A burning feeling in feet and calves later on spreading to both legs. Numbness rising toward the umbilicus. Nowadays she has a continuous burning pain in both legs ( NRS 8). Tingling sensations and a burning feeling in all fingers mainly of the left hand( NRS 6). Skinny jeans provoke an unbearable pain. Cold weather, massage and holding her feet tight together all cause unbearable pain. She has however no pain clinging to a poolside or lying in bed feet up.            

  • Neurological examination: sensitivity and mobility are normal. EMG normal, MRI spine; no abnormalities.
  • Physical examination internist: normal, no Lyme disease.        
  • Abnormal Lab values: Vitamin B12 87; Creat 95; internistFolic acid 5.8; Cytomegalovirus IgG pos; Borreliose IgG pos.

Do you recognize Iris's symptoms, or do you know a doctor or scientist who could help Iris? Comment and let us know!

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